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  • May 2018
    Cloud Offsite Construction –

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • September 2017
    Cloud Offsite Construction –

    Cloud Offsite Construction has been brought into the early stages of an exciting project to design and construct a key area within a new private hospital in Hertfordshire. One Hatfield Hospital is the second hospital in the One Healthcare chain: formed in 2014, One Healthcare was established to develop and operate modern purpose-built private hospital healthcare facilities across the UK, and brings a creative and entrepreneurial approach to the healthcare market. This segues perfectly with Cloud Offsite Construction’s commitment to delivering innovative 21st century build solutions using offsite construction – a faster, safer, greener and truly modern building method.

    Working with main contractor Conlon Construction Ltd and project managers William Clark Partnership, Cloud Offsite Construction has designed and engineered an operating theatre support unit for the storage of consumables and medical instruments. Ben Pemberton, Director of Cloud Offsite Construction says: “It’s really exciting for us to be involved with such a dynamic and forward-thinking project. The vision that has gone into this design will ensure that when One Hatfield Hospital opens, staff and patients will benefit from a stunning building, purpose-built to house the latest medical equipment – Cloud Offsite Construction is proud to be part of realising this vision.” The One Hatfield Hospital comprises 10 consulting rooms and 3 treatment suites including endoscopy, 13 bedrooms for day care patients, 3 operating theatre suites, MRI and diagnostic imaging suites, 18 ensuite bedrooms, a critical care suite and a fully equipped physiotherapy department. The site has been specifically selected and developed with the customer in mind, and is easily accessed from the motorway, with ample parking. It will feature the latest technology and design features, aimed at enhancing the patients' experience and helping to alleviate the stress associated with visiting and receiving treatment in hospital.

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • September 2017
    Cloud Offsite Construction –

    Cloud Offsite Construction has supplied Ysgol Y Foryd Infant School in Conwy with a new seven bay building of 207m2 to cater for children aged between three and seven years. The facility consists of two classrooms, each providing 54m2 of teaching space along with kitchen, intervention room, children’s bathrooms, storage room and reception area, ready for the new school year.

    The building was designed to compliment other buildings around it but at the same time provide a modern, bright, robust and safe environment for the children to learn in.

    Cloud Offsite Construction was awarded the project by Conwy Council and was the main contractor on the project, undertaking all design, offsite manufacture and installation. The project was completed within the required eight-week timescale.

    The use of offsite construction was ideal for this project because as it meant the work could be completed as quickly as possible to meet a tight deadline, ready for the children’s return to school after the summer holidays.

    At Cloud Offsite Construction, we understand that working with as little disruption as possible to the school timetable and maximum awareness of health and safety is vital - with modular construction, virtually all work is done offsite, so there are far fewer builders and materials on site, and for much less time. In addition, installation can be planned around term times so the school day is not disturbed.

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • June 2017
    Cloud Offsite Construction –

    Modular offsite construction allows all institutions to be more responsive to sudden or expected changes in demand. Rather than waiting many months for new facilities to be built using traditional construction methods, and having to negotiate road closures for deliveries, workmen on site, health and safety considerations and the general disruption associated with having building work done, with offsite construction virtually all work is carried out offsite in factory conditions, ensuring a better build quality and less disruption. However, its major benefit is speed – building off site in galvanised steel and modular frames is up to 50% quicker than building on site in brick, and consequently also more cost effective as new premises are ready for use in a shorter time frame. Cloud Offsite Construction is committed to helping hospitals prepare for their busiest season – winter – by delivering a new fully-compliant ward in as little as three months. If releasing capital is an issue, Cloud Offsite Construction can even help by offering lease finance options to spread the cost of the project.

    Winter Pressures
    A recent report by the King’s Fund entitled ‘What’s going on in A&E? The key questions answered’ states: “High bed-occupancy rates are often associated with worsening A&E performance. In 2016/17, most hospitals are operating at bed-occupancy rates above 85% – the level at which the Department of Health suggests hospitals will struggle to deal with increasing demand for emergency admissions. Weekly data from NHS England covering winter (December 2016 to February 2017) shows that over this period the national bed-occupancy rate has been closer to 95%. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has commented that this level of bed occupancy is ‘unsafe’.”

    The NHS Constitution sets out that a minimum of 95 per cent of patients attending an A&E department in England must be seen, treated and then admitted or discharged in under four hours. This is one of the ‘core standards’ set out in the NHS Constitution and the NHS Mandate, and is often referred to as the four-hour A&E target. However, the standard is rarely met. In winter months, performance against the four-hour standard is lower than in summer months, primarily due to the increase in the number of older people attending A&E who need to be admitted to a hospital bed as an emergency – and as the King’s Fund report states, finding that free hospital bed can be a long and challenging process.

    A new modular ward from Cloud Offsite Construction is the ideal solution, proving additional beds quickly and with minimal disruption. Warm and energy-efficient, the ward is delivered with a structural and external envelope design life of 60 years and available on flexible terms. It can be a permanent addition to any hospital, serving patients for years, no matter what the season

    A New Fully-Compliant Ward:
    • Value for money:
    an effective, bespoke, permanent solution that costs up to 30% less than hiring a temporary mobile theatre for just 26 weeks
    • Delivery:
    permanent modular ward delivered within 12 weeks
    • Cost:
    single ward around £500k-£1 million delivered (dependent on final specification)
    • Compliancy:
    designed to meet full Building Regs and requirements of all relevant HTMs and HBNs
    • Reliability:
    structural and external envelope design life of 60 years

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • June 2017
    Cloud Offsite Construction –

    Work Up to 3,000 elderly people will not be able to get beds in UK care homes by the end of next year, according to research commissioned by BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme. The research highlights a worrying shortfall in the number of beds currently available, and also suggests that increasing demand from an ageing population could see the shortfall grow even further to more than 70,000 beds in nine years' time. Offsite construction is ideally positioned to help address this crisis, enabling care homes to add new high quality accommodation quickly and safely to meet the needs of the rapidly growing number of residents.

    Offsite construction involves assembling complete buildings using individual steel-framed modules, built in the factory under controlled conditions. The modules are fully fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes before they leave the factory. They are delivered to site by road and craned into position ready for final fitting out. Modules can be connected side-by-side and end-to-end, as well as in multiple storeys, to create buildings of any size, shape or configuration for maximum flexibility. Build times are typically 40-50% less than traditional building methods, and offsite construction of new bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and social areas ensures the minimum disruption for people living in the home. As the units are constructed in factory conditions, the build quality is higher, resulting in warmer, more energy-efficient spaces. Cloud Offsite Construction works closely with clients to ensure the smooth, efficient delivery of projects, and fully appreciates the challenges inherent in working within the care home environment, where the wellbeing of elderly and vulnerable patients is of paramount importance.

    The Benefits of Offsite Construction
    Offsite construction creates quality-assured buildings that can be completed quickly and safely to meet tight deadlines, with a simple installation process ensuring minimal disruption to the site.

    • Speed
    – buildings can be completed up to 50% faster than using traditional site-based construction methods
    • Quality assurance
    – construction takes place in the factory under controlled conditions, resulting in a higher build quality. Cloud Offsite Construction is a member of ConstructionLine and holds ISO 9001:2015
    • Minimal disruption
    – there is much less noise and disruption onsite as virtually all work is carried out offsite in the factory
    • Cost and time certainty
    – factory-built projects are not subject to delays due to weather or site-based skills shortages, so buildings can be completed on time and budget
    • Flexibility
    – modular buildings can easily be expanded, reduced, reconfigured or even relocated in response to changing needs
    • Reduced waste
    – offsite construction generates up to 90% less waste than traditional onsite building methods, so is better for the environment, too

    The You and Yours research, carried out by property consultant JLL, found that since 2002 an average of 7,000 new care home beds had opened in the UK every year, but by 2026 there would be an additional 14,000 people needing residential care home places per year.

    The Department of Health said local authorities in England had been given an extra £2bn to help fund social care, but in the past three years one in 20 UK care home beds has closed, and research suggests not enough are being added to fill the gap. Lead researcher, James Kingdom, says: "We're currently building half the number of care home beds every year that we need. There are more people living longer. We know that over the course of the next decade there is going to be 2.5 million more over-65s, and as a result that means there is going to be demand for care home beds. To fix that, we need to double the rate of delivery."

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • May 2017
    Cloud Offsite Construction –

    “We are very pleased with the system and how the scheme is shaping up and look forward to working with Cloud Offsite Construction on further projects in the future.”” Tony Biddiscombe: Head of Business Development, Mears New Homes

    Work has now finished on the first stage of the Knaphill Library Redevelopment Project in Surrey, creating nine new apartments, amenity space and a memorial garden. The project was commissioned by Woking Borough Council’s Housing Management provider New Vision Homes, and increases the stock of much needed social housing in the area. Cloud Offsite Construction was brought into the project by main contractor Mears New Homes when a restrictive development footprint called for flexible and creative thinking.

    Constructed on the site of a former library, the proposed site for the new homes was bounded by a number of commercial properties with residential accommodation above, resulting in issues with site boundaries and party walls as well as logistical constraints. Although initial plans featured only traditional building methods, it soon became clear that these challenges would requires a more flexible design approach, and the decision was made to bring in an offsite construction company and deliver a part modular/part traditional build solution. The modules were delivered to site pre-finished externally, and connections and final fix internals were then completed on site. Combining building techniques meant that the building programme was reduced by four months, enabling the client to get residents into the new properties sooner.

    Offsite construction has many benefits, but the flexibility it offers architects and builders is particularly important, particularly as more and more space has to be utilised in our towns and cities to address the current housing crisis. When space is at a premium, modular construction techniques mean that the new building or extension can be designed around whatever space is available, with new finishes making it indistinguishable from a traditional build. Quicker build times also benefit everyone involved, right through to the tenant who is able to take up residence in their new high quality, energy-efficient home sooner.

    “The Knaphill Project is a great example of how modular construction has evolved beyond offering the inflexible 4-sided box that people used to expect. It shows how offsite construction can complement traditional building techniques, combining the best of both worlds for the most successful outcome. Working with a company like Mears New Homes, which was open to looking at new answers to complex challenges, made sure the client and future tenants got the successful redevelopment project they needed.”” Ben Pemberton: Director, Cloud Offsite Construction

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • April 2017
    Cloud Offsite Construction –

    “Cloud Offsite Construction can work with clients as principal contractor to ensure the good management of health and safety on site, crucial to the successful delivery of any construction project. We take the worry and responsibility away from the client - with many years of experience in the offsite construction market, working across a wide range of sectors, we are ideally placed to anticipate and manage any possible issues.” Ben Pemberton: Director, Cloud Offsite Construction

    When a project involves more than one contractor, it requires the appointment of a principal contractor to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety during the construction phase. This important role, specified in the Health and Safety Executive Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, unites the various contractors working on the project, and usually involves taking on the client duties as well as those of principal contractor. Cloud Offsite Construction understands that health and safety is an integral part of any risk management strategy, and helps to deliver a project that is not only cost-effective but also time-effective, meaning clients can start to get a return on their investment as quickly as possible.

    Bringing the principal contractor into a project early, preferably at concept/feasibility stage, helps everything to get off to a good start, with ongoing proactive leadership ensuring things continue to run smoothly.

    Activity engaging with clients on health and safety brings a raft of direct benefits, including:
    • Fewer lost time accidents
    • Improved reporting of incidents
    • Timeliness of delivery and quality of product
    • Improved resource management
    • Enhanced visibility and transparency of processes
    • Improved overall project performance
    • Improved communication
    • Improved management of all risks
    • Clearly identifiable project goals and successes

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • February 2017
    Cloud Offsite Construction –

    Cloud Offsite Construction has supplied the nursery at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School in Camden, North London, with a single storey multi-purpose modular extension, expanding the school’s accommodation and providing a light, airy and well-equipped new space for the children to enjoy. The architect on the project was Wilby & Burnett, an architectural practice with wide experience in the education sector. The main area in the new extension is open-plan, so the staff have a clear view of the children at all times, and facilitates learning and playing within a safe, modern environment. The space includes a kitchen and children’s bathrooms, decorated in colourful designs in keeping with the nursery school setting.

    “Flexible, reliable and easy to work with, the team at Cloud Offsite Construction successfully interpreted our plans, converting what was originally conceived as a traditional build to offsite modular design.” Warren Harper: Partner, Wilby & Burnett

    The new building at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School was designed to complement the various architectural designs and periods of the buildings around it, while at the same time providing a secure, functional and fun extension to the nursery’s facilities. The use of offsite construction was ideal for this project because as it minimised disruption to the local community in this busy area during installation: rather than having many large vehicles visiting the building works to deliver goods, the final module was delivered ready to crane into place.

    Cloud Offsite Construction understands that working with as little disruption as possible to the school timetable and maximum awareness of health and safety is vital - with modular construction, virtually all work is done offsite, so there are far fewer builders and materials on site, and for much less time. In addition, installation can be planned around term times so the school day is not disturbed.

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • January 2017
    Cloud Offsite Construction –

    Cloud Offsite Construction has entered the modular offsite construction market to bring the benefits of offsite construction to the healthcare world, offering a flexible, individualised approach to developing the solution that works best for each client. The popularity of offsite modular construction is gradually gaining momentum across many markets, and while it can be used successfully across a whole spectrum of buildings, there are several key reasons why it might be particularly suitable for healthcare projects:

    It's Quicker
    Healthcare instructions often find themselves in sudden need of more space. In times of crisis, modular construction can be completed very quickly: Cloud Offsite Construction can deliver a new fully compliant ward in as little as 12 weeks, and a theatre in as little as 22 weeks.

    It's Cost Effective
    A temporary mobile ward may plug a gap, but it has to be returned, whereas a new modular space can be a permanent fixture, for similar money. In the current financial environment, an option as cost effective as this has to merit serious consideration.

    It's Flexible
    Space on hospital sites is often at a premium – modular construction techniques mean that the new building or extension can be designed around whatever space is available, with new finishes making it indistinguishable from a traditional build.

    It's Less Fuss
    Since all the major construction is done offsite, the day to day running of the hospital is not disrupted, with delivery of the final modules causing only minimal interruption. This is a huge bonus in the busy hospital environment, where everything needs to run as smoothly as possible.

    It's Safer
    Once on site, no heavy equipment is needed, making the final installation process safer for both the builders and the many people working in, visiting or being treated on the hospital site.

    It’s Sustainable
    With an ongoing emphasis on sustainable development in the NHS, modular construction is a green way to provide additional space, as it uses many recyclable materials and features more energy-efficient heating systems. Factory construction also guarantees a better quality final product with reduced energy consumption when in use.

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • December 2016

    “Offsite construction could provide a huge opportunity to increase housing supply and we want to see more innovation like this emulated across the housebuilding sector.” Gavin Barwell, Housing and Planning Minister

    Until now, offsite construction in the UK residential sector has struggled to take off and reach its full potential. But that is all about to change. Faster, smarter and greener, modular construction is a 21st century answer to a growing problem – the lack of decent, affordable housing, particularly in our cities.

    The Home Building Fund
    The government has created a £3 billion Home Building Fund to increase the number of homes built in England. The fund will provide loans for small firms, custom builders, offsite construction and essential infrastructure, creating thousands of new jobs in the process. As part of this initiative, it is looking to offsite construction to provide 100,000 modular homes, a substantial step towards the government target of one million homes by 2020. It is anticipated that the “prefabricated” housing push will speed up delivery and lead to major savings through economies of scale. A government white paper due out shortly will include measures to encourage banks to lend to offsite housing specialists.

    Palaces for the People
    The initiative recalls the reconstruction drive which followed the second world war as 160,000 prefabs, dubbed “palaces for the people”, sprung up across the country as the government sought to house families bombed out of their homes. Although amazingly some of those prefabs are still in use today, on the whole they were of poor quality. However, developments in technology have changed all that – built in factory conditions and to engineering standards, the housing modules available now are more energy-efficient and better built that homes constructed using traditional building methods, and once finished, are indistinguishable from any other home.

    Cloud Offsite Construction – Delivering Spaces for Living
    Apartments, houses, student accommodation, hotels… Cloud Offsite Construction can make any of these a reality in less than half the time needed for a traditional build. When a high level of volume and repeatability is inherent to the finished design, modular construction is the ideal solution.

    We will ensure new the residential space is fully compliant with all the latest building standards, including:

    • National House Building Council (NHBC)
    • The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment (CHAS)
    • Constructionline
    • Achilles SSIP
    • The latest English and Scottish Building Regulations (depending on location)
    • Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • November 2016

    “This government’s four year strategy for BIM implementation will change the dynamics and behaviours of the construction supply chain, unlocking new, more efficient and collaborative, ways of working. This whole sector adoption of BIM will put us at the vanguard of a new digital construction era and position the UK to become the world leaders in BIM.” Francis Maude

    All centrally procured public sector projects now require the implementation of Building Information Modelling BIM at level 2, bringing people and information together to work effectively and efficiently through defined processes and technology. Designing a building collaboratively using one coherent system of computer models rather than separate sets of drawings brings many benefits, including reduction of conflicts and changes during construction, resulting in less rework and improved productivity, ultimately saving time and money for all parties involved in the building process.

    If those benefits sound familiar, it may be because they are the same benefits that are already an intrinsic element of offsite construction, and the very elements that make it such an efficient way to build. With the implementation of BIM, the need to make decisions early, which some have seen as a negative of offsite construction, has been rebranded as the positive need for the right date to be created at the right time by the right people in the team. The key to successful digital workflows using BIM are very similar to the key requirements for the successful delivery of an offsite project – clearly defined requirements; agreed project deliverables of quality, time and money; and validation of the project against the deliverables. All this means that offsite construction is ideally placed to spearhead the BIM revolution.

    The benefit of BIM to our customers is that the entire project is streamlined, and potential issues anticipated and corrected in the virtual world, rather than the real one. Being able to view a 3D image of the build, showing progress as well as the final completed product, allows everyone involved to be even more invested in the project, visualising designs not just in flat 2D drawings but from any angle or view in full 3D, which really brings the entire thing to life.

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  • Modular construction news


  • October 2016

    Winter is often a flashpoint for the pressures faced by hospitals throughout the year, with resources stretched to their limits. New theatres, more wards, more support areas - all these could alleviate winter pressures, but when space, time and money is at a premium, how realistic is it to even think of expansion in these key areas? Modular construction could be the answer.

    The QualityWatch report, a joint Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation research programme, tracked performance across 29 different indicators from spring 2010 to autumn 2015 to analyse the pressure hospital services experience in winter. One of its key findings was: “While the trend in the number of people attending A&E units each year is increasing, fewer people attend during winter compared to the rest of the year. But of those who do attend there is a larger proportion of older people attending and a larger proportion of people requiring an emergency admission to hospital.”

    Commenting on the report, Dr Clifford Mann, president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said: "A&Es are under pressure all year round with more attendances in the summer and more admissions in the winter. Recent reductions in the number of available beds exacerbate an already overstretched system and in consequence more and more patients experience unacceptable delays.” He also stressed the need to have “beds promptly available for patients when needed."

    Cloud Offsite Construction, working with medical engineering specialist Howorth Air Technology, can deliver a new theatre in as little as 22 weeks, a new ward in 12, a new office or link corridor in four, all supplied virtually complete and requiring little more than external finishes and service connections before being good to go. The delays often encountered in traditional building programmes due to weather, Health & Safety concerns, and issues with labour and materials are avoided as all work is done in a controlled factory environment. Final installation can be carried out efficiently with minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of the hospital, with everything carrying on as normal until the door opens on the new space.

    It is widely accepted that while winter is often a focus for the challenges faced by the NHS, the issue of insufficient bed space and theatre space, resulting in long trolley waits, is present all year round. A new modular theatre or ward from Cloud Offsite Construction, delivered with a structural and external envelope design life of 60 years, and available on flexible terms, can be a permanent addition to the hospital, serving patients for years, no matter what the season.

    Our Solutions
    A New Fully Compliant Theatre:
    • Value for money: an effective bespoke solution that costs up to 30% less than hiring a temporary mobile theatre for just 26 weeks - and it’s yours for ever
    • Delivery: permanent modular theatre delivered within 22 weeks
    • Cost: single theatre around £500k-£1 million delivered (dependent on final specification)
    • Compliancy: designed to meet full Building Regs and requirements of all relevant HTMs and HBNs
    • Reliability: structural and external envelope design life of 60 years

    A New Fully Compliant Ward:
    • Value for money: an effective bespoke solution that costs up to 30% less than hiring a temporary mobile theatre for just 26 weeks - and it’s yours for ever
    • Delivery: permanent modular ward delivered within 12 weeks
    • Cost: single ward around £500k-£1 million delivered (dependent on final specification)
    • Compliancy: designed to meet full Building Regs and requirements of all relevant HTMs and HBNs
    • Reliability: structural and external envelope design life of 60 years

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  • Building information new Cloud Offsite
  • September 2016

    Cloud Offsite Construction offers everything you need under one roof and across the whole spectrum of spaces and industries, from operating theatres to classrooms and offices:
    • Design and Survey
    • Cost consultancy
    • Manufacture
    • Specialist fit-out
    • Lease, hire and sale options
    • Permanent or semi-permanent buildings

    Imagine how much easier things would be if you only had to come to one company for all your offsite modular construction needs, a company that could handle every aspect of your project under one metaphorical roof (a modular one, naturally). With Cloud Offsite Construction, you can. Our team offers design, structural, architectural, manufacturing and marketing expertise, as well as an extensive network of key industry relationships, and is committed to delivering a solution that fits your needs exactly, transforming empty space into space with a purpose.

    We have set up partner agreements with industry-leading architects and specialist M&E fit-out design providers, whose knowledge and understanding of our modular units enables us to move quickly to make your vision into a reality as soon as possible. We have embraced Building Information Modelling (BIM) across the generation and management of all our designs, creating intelligent 3D models that allow for greater collaboration, clarity and value. We ensure that we achieve the UK’s design, specification, construction and operation Best Practice standards, and work closely with the rest of the design team to reach the BREEAM rating required. Previous projects have achieved Very Good and Excellent ratings.

    We have the expertise to ensure your new space is fully compliant with all the latest relevant building standards, including:
    • National House Building Council (NHBC)
    • The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment (CHAS)
    • Constructionline and Acclaim
    • Achilles SSIP
    • The latest English and Scottish Building Regulations
    • Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
    • Health Technical Memoranda (HTM)
    • Health Buildings Notes (HBN)
    • Scottish and Welsh Health Technical Memoranda (SHTM and WHTM)
    • Healthcare Associated Infection System for Controlling Risk in the Built Environment (HAI-SCRIBE)

    “Cloud Offsite Construction was formed in response to a demand for a more flexible style of working. We can work with you on every element of the project, promise one point of contact from start to finish, and always operate with complete transparency. Client satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do – the box is just the beginning, it’s the shared vision that drives the outcome.”
    Ben Pemberton: Director, Cloud Offsite Construction

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  • News update from Cloud Offsite
  • August 2016

    Cloud Offsite Construction has supplied a multi-purpose learning and playing space for a nursery school in North London, expanding the school’s accommodation ready for the new school year. The project presented two particular challenges:

    • Delivering the module to a school on a busy London road, with little space for manoeuvre • Craning the module into place without damaging any of the many trees in the playground

    Both challenges necessitated carefully logistics planning and close liaison between Cloud Offsite Construction, the school, and the main contractor. The school is now looking forward to opening its doors next term for the children to enjoy their new building.

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  • Modular schools news
  • July 2016

    Cloud Offsite Construction is committed to streamlining procedures throughout, while at the same time ensuring clients it conforms to the highest national and international standards in everything it does. As part of this commitment, the company has qualified to become part of Constructionline, the UK's leading procurement and supply chain management service.

    Constructionline works to reduce duplication and improve efficiencies by collecting, assessing and monitoring standard company information, eliminating the need to repeatedly duplicate standard company information for every construction tender. The organisation aims to provide efficiency savings to public and private sector buyers and the construction industry as a whole by streamlining procurement procedures and improving the supply chain management processes by reducing risk, creating cost efficiencies and helping buyers engage with new suppliers, including SMEs and local companies.

    Cloud Offsite Construction has also qualified for Acclaim Accreditation, the new health and safety assessment scheme open to Constructionline members.

    “We want every potential client that approaches Cloud Offsite Construction to be confident that we have all the certification needed to comply with national and international regulations, streamlining the procurement process and guaranteeing the highest standards.”
    Simon Ward: Director, Cloud Offsite Construction

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  • June 2016 -

    Cloud Offsite Construction has recently received three important accreditations, ensuring clients and suppliers can be confident it operates as effectively as possible and conforms to the highest standards, both nationally and internationally, by implementing recognised management systems across the three key areas of quality, environment, and health and safety.

    ISO 9001:2015 is the latest edition of ISO’s flagship quality management systems standard, designed to integrate easily with other management systems. It helps companies demonstrate to customers that they can offer products and services of consistently good quality, and acts as a tool to streamline processes and increase efficiency. This latest edition is less prescriptive than its predecessor, focusing instead on performance by combining the process approach with risk-based thinking, and employing the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

    ISO 14001:2015 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that a company can use to enhance its environmental performance. It supports companies seeking to manage their environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the “environmental pillar of sustainability”, providing value for the environment, the company itself and its suppliers and clients.

    OHSAS 18001 is a framework for an occupational health and safety management system, and is a part of the OHSAS 18000 series of standards. It helps companies to put in place the policies, procedures and controls needed to achieve the best possible working conditions and workplace health and safety, aligned to internationally recognised best practice. .

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