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  • MAY 2016 -

    Cloud Offsite Construction celebrates its launch this month, bringing a fresh new style to the fast moving and constantly developing world of modular building. Formed in response to a demand for a more flexible approach – literally thinking outside the box – Cloud Offsite Construction has come to the market ready to look at clients’ needs in a very different way. Projects will be approached in a holistic, joined-up style, with clients having one point of contact from start to finish. Flexibility will be at the centre of everything the company does - rather than compromising to make the solution fit into the standard modular unit design, Cloud Offsite Construction will find a way to make the unit work around exactly what the client needs, giving a perfect solution, not a compromise.

    Cloud Offsite Construction’s flexible approach means it can work with the end-user in whichever way suits the project, whether as the principal or sub-contractor.

    A flexible design ethic means the company can offer a wide spectrum of options – permanent structures or semi-permanent, panelised construction or more traditional style, Cloud Offsite Construction will find the option that works best for the client. This approach will be applied across a wide variety of markets, from education to commercial, with a key focus on providing solutions for specialist healthcare projects.

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  • MAY 2016 -

    Heading up the team at Cloud Offsite Construction are two co-directors who have been involved in the engineering and construction world their whole working career – Ben Pemberton and Simon Ward.

    Ben brings intricate knowledge and understanding of the construction industry, combined with enthusiasm and a positive approach to making projects work and exceeding expectations.

    Simon counts product innovation and project delivery as two of his key skills, combined with a detailed understanding of regulations and compliance; he is ideally placed to ensure projects are completed on time and in line with all building and specialist regulations, such as those stipulated by Building Regulations, HTM, HBN or the DfES. Ben and Simon are supported by a team offering design, structural, architectural, manufacturing and marketing expertise, and have an extensive network of key industry relationships. Both have worked in offsite construction for many years, and are committed to promoting it as a cost, time and energy efficient approach to adding space to your facility, or even creating an entirely new one.

    Together they have a clear vision and purpose: to offer better response levels, better delivery of projects, and always to maintain the forward thinking, flexible approach that will set Cloud Offsite Construction and its team apart from the competition.

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  • APRIL 2016 -

    The launch of new modular construction specialist, Cloud Offsite Construction, coincides with the current modular building zeitgeist – an increasing number of institutions across an ever-wider range of markets are embracing the benefits of offsite construction techniques: it is faster, smarter and greener, and a truly modern approach to building in the 21st century, combining the UK’s traditional high quality building methods and expertise with an almost futuristic aesthetic.

    More and more of the buildings we see around us are built using offsite modular construction methods, with design details and finishes making them indistinguishable from traditional builds – Cloud Offsite Construction is ideally placed to spread the modular gospel to businesses throughout the UK, demonstrating how it can deliver the right solution to any building challenge.

    There are many recognised advantages to choosing offsite modular construction over traditional building techniques:

    • Shorter build times Build times are typically 40-50% less than traditional onsite construction, leading to an earlier return on investment and saving in preliminaries.

    • Superior quality Superior quality is achieved by factory-based quality control.

    • Economy of scale Repetition of prefabricated units leads to considerable economy of scale in production, without limiting creativity or design values.

    • Fixed cost contract The modular solution comes with a reassuring fixed cost contract value. Many traditional build projects end up costing far more than expected, but in the controlled factory environment, there is much less potential for delays, and the resulting additional costs.

    • Environmentally less sensitive.

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